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Farewell: Truth, Tears, and Memories

My native english teacher, Mark, is leaving.

Yeah, leaving for almost forever. The rumor said that he was resigned. But actually, it was a lie! He explained that his contract “can’t” be extended. Also, his visa will be expired by June(or July, I forgot) and he can’t renewing it cause he has got no job! So he has to back to his country. *ew*

Well, that’s really a shame for my entire school! Why did “they” can’t give him more time? Hey boss, we love him! Nothing is wrong with him. Why do you guys fired him? ckck

The most shame will be this one: he’s going to marry his girlfriend, an Indonesian girl, next year! Unkind boss!! *grrrr*

Today, is his last day at school. He was crying! And almost all of the students in my school weren’t willing to let him go. We even try to make #WeWantMark a trending topic on Twitter. Well, hope the “boss” is on twitter and see it, so he can teach us again! Yay! 😀

Anyway, he’s been a great native teacher. He can control the class, teach well, create nice games, and have been such a warm person in his everyday life. You’ve been such a great teacher, Mark! We all love you so much!

Okay, here’s some photos for my class’ farewell.

Hope the best will be happen for Mark. Just the best. 🙂

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Turning Seventeen : Cake and Surprises

Yeah, I know it’s not 1st April anymore.. But I just wanna share my happiness to my blog! *I’m not sure what that’s mean*

Well, let just begin with some pictures! 😀

1st present given to me; it's from Vania. Thanks girl! 🙂

2nd present on that day. Thanks Vindy! 🙂

Then, when I came home I found this on my piano!

I think it's my brother's girlfriend's idea.. Thanks ci rere! 😀

That was quite a surprise, since I’ve never even once expecting this kind of surprise! But I like it. 🙂

Okay, this are the presents that I got on 1st April 2011 by night.

scrapbook, big hand bag, backpack, bottle-shaped saving, frame, and a bunch of note from my friend; they're nice!

Then some more presents were given to me during the next 7 days period from my friends.. Here they are!

from rita; I've already use the case, but I don't intended to use the notebook-it's just too cute! ><

from tenten; the blue is sooooo NICE! XD

from tina & stella; thanks guys. 🙂

And today (8/4/2011) is the best day! Irin and Vania and Nathania just gave me the best gifts *since I’ve been looking for them for quite a long time* today. Nath gave me an analog camera which is gonna be REALLY useful since I’ve got my digital camera broken last year, while Irin and Vania gave me “The Book of Tomorrow” by Cecelia Ahern which I’ve been looking forward to buy it since last Christmas!

from irin and vania; The Book of Tomorrow!

there's a note and a pic of three of us.. I'll never ever forget this! 😀

analog camera from Nath!! geez.. it's really precious nath.. even it's got some 'pink's on it. 😛

touching note from Nath; thanks Nath, you're a great friend to me. 🙂

That’s a blast! And these are some pics from my celebration on 1st April night.

right to left: with vania suherman, sherly, nath, marina, rita, vindy -- edited by nath, thanks nath! 🙂

Once more, thanks guys! A really big thanks I hand to you all! 😀

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Scraps? Hmm..

I first made scrapbook while I couldn’t find any proper thing to give as a present for my bestie’s birthday.. I think it gonna be nice for her, since she loves photography. I went to a photo studio in my town that sell scrapbook kits for beginner. And then I made my first scrap.

At first, I found it was too hard to match papers, photos, ribbons, writings, etc.. But after googling for ideas and trials, it is NOT that hard! I made my second scrap with that beginner kits too, but I added some more elements – such as fabrics and ribbons – that I can found easily. My last scrap wasn’t made with beginner kit anymore.. I only bought the background,some stickers, searched some photos, printed another matched background, and started to make the scrap! That’s it! 😀

I’ve made 4 scraps until now.. The first two for my friends, and the other two for myself. And I’ve found it becoming more and more easier! If you still find it quite hard, maybe all you need are just more practice and ideas. So, I captured 2 of them, and post them here. And here they are.. Hopefully it’ll help you to find some ideas for making your own! 🙂

my first scrap for myself

hope you can see some layers there! 🙂

second scrap

more layers here! 🙂

Hope it’ll help a bit. 😀

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