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Perhaps You: Being “the Sun” in Others Life

My first attraction to this novel is its cover. It’s so creative how they use a paper shredder and somehow it really push me to read its back cover. Then, I’m amazed. It has a really good story. Well, a good story for me is a story that I can’t predict correctly before. And it’s proofed after I read it that what I guess was wrong.

This novel itself doesn’t involved too many characters which has made this novel easy to read. The language isn’t too hard or too simple to read. The story, like what I’ve said, is good. It can’t be predicted precisely by reading it’s back cover. And I love how Stephanie use the terms.

One of my favourite is  this : “Chris seperti terang lampu yang Abby nyalakan ketika hari gelap karena awan menutupi matahari. Tapi begitu sang matahari muncul, ia menyadari, cahaya lampu itu hanya semu. Mataharilah sumber cahayanya yang sebenarnya. (Chris is like a light from a lamp which Abby turned on when the day gets dark because of the sun is covered by clouds. But when the sun gets back, she realized that the lamp was not real. The sun itself is her actual source of light.)”

And also these sentences: “I won’t promise to love you as long as you live, but I promise… I will love you as long as I live.”

Such a sweet sentence, uh? Especially the last one. And it’s spoken by a man to a woman! When I read that, I was melting for sure. 😛

Two things that I don’t really enjoy: there are some typos in it (production’s mistake I believe) and the description of Daniel, Abby’s first crush, is a bit lack.

Thanks to Stephanie. I’ve learned from this novel, that we have to be open wide even if we’re in love–don’t be blind. If you love someone, be brave when you have sure about your feelings. And the most important, don’t EVER cheat in a relationship. It will hurt at least 3 people at a time in future.

Be the Sun to others, but don’t demand them to be one for you.

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-another story-

As we all know, at every school there must be some gangs. They make themselves exclusive, and only want to be friend to those who are similar to them. Like rich, love to put a lot of stuffs on their bodies, love to read books, love to wear heels, etc, etc..

Well, I don’t mind if they’re exist at my high. And they’re not always ‘that’ bad. Hm.. Actually, all that I want to share on this post is that sometimes, when I see them uploading their photos when they were hanging out, there always a bit of.. mmm… jealous. Yeah, a bit of jealous.  I think that’s not necessary at all, but somehow, the feeling just popped out like ‘plop!’. And suddenly I just think to change myself to be like them. You know, girly and really feminine — wearing mini dresses, high heels, with eyeshadow and mascara on their face, have hair done at some salon — which I don’t really like being dressed that way.

But then, some answers popped out in my head. It’s okay to be me. It’s okay not love wearing dresses, heels and mascara. It’s just okay to stay as what you are. Isn’t God created me as who I am right now? And God has made everyone unique in their own ways? Then, so what? But still, in some ways, I regret to be me. But I don’t hate me. I just keep wondering, why, why, why, and why. Why I don’t like dresses? Why I can’t walk on high heels? Why I don’t like to see myself in make-ups? And why I prefer pants than skirts?

When Jesus Said: I’m Here

There was a young man called Acong. He’s a Chinese man that work was so busy that he can’t even get a lunch break only for lunch! He always eat his lunch by doing his job.

He’s a Christian, but he never made himself into the church even for 1 hour – because of his job. So, he decided to come to the church at 12 p.m., stand by it’s door, pray for a minute, and leave to do his job again. The prayer was also so simple: Lord Jesus, here is Acong.
He do that with the same prayer every single day. He has never missed one.

Then, 3.5 years later, he got sick. Because of his job, his kidney was bulging, and he have been sent to the hospital for a couple of days. Strangely, he was really joyful by the time he was in the hospital. There’s no sign of sickness at all. And when he was asked by the priest of the church -that he has always come to pray- how are you? He simply answered, I’m good!

After he got better, he was allowed to leave the hospital. But then, he said that he would prefer stay at the hospital because he felt better there. Why?

He said that because of EVERY SINGLE DAY when he was in the hospital, Lord Jesus Himself, came to his bed, touch his foot, and said: Acong, here is Lord Jesus.

have you got a prayer today?

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Do IT Right

“Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.”

James 4 : 17

Hi all! Have u ever did something that is wrong? WE have! But have U do something right instead of something that u know right? …..Think about it again!

GOD want us to be a RIGHT person, not just NICE.. Sometimes, when we know what is right but then we DO what is wrong, it’s because we want to look nice. Or maybe for another reason, but always it’s because of other people.. Not because of our GOD..

Remember my friends… When we do something wrong, we made sin. But when we DO something wrong when we KNOW something right, IT’S A SIN TOO!!!26nf708df8oe47a0

So, DO something right when u KNOW what is right… Because that is RIGHT in GOD’s eyes!!

Have A Blessed Day!!