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Farewell: Truth, Tears, and Memories

My native english teacher, Mark, is leaving.

Yeah, leaving for almost forever. The rumor said that he was resigned. But actually, it was a lie! He explained that his contract “can’t” be extended. Also, his visa will be expired by June(or July, I forgot) and he can’t renewing it cause he has got no job! So he has to back to his country. *ew*

Well, that’s really a shame for my entire school! Why did “they” can’t give him more time? Hey boss, we love him! Nothing is wrong with him. Why do you guys fired him? ckck

The most shame will be this one: he’s going to marry his girlfriend, an Indonesian girl, next year! Unkind boss!! *grrrr*

Today, is his last day at school. He was crying! And almost all of the students in my school weren’t willing to let him go. We even try to make #WeWantMark a trending topic on Twitter. Well, hope the “boss” is on twitter and see it, so he can teach us again! Yay! 😀

Anyway, he’s been a great native teacher. He can control the class, teach well, create nice games, and have been such a warm person in his everyday life. You’ve been such a great teacher, Mark! We all love you so much!

Okay, here’s some photos for my class’ farewell.

Hope the best will be happen for Mark. Just the best. 🙂

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